Kara Hamilton

documentary - ARDR // RWAMAGANA, RWANDA

ARDR is the acronym for Association Rwandaise pour le Développement Rural. It was established in 1999 as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) without political or religious affiliation. ARDR was created by Rwandans with field experience working with developmental agencies who united to tackle the immense problems of poverty resulting from prolonged wars and the 1994 genocide. ARDR’s mission is to provide humanitarian assistance to the economically and socially fragile population that is pervasive throughout most of Rwanda, improve the welfare of the people by providing moral, material and technical support using local initiatives and help the people of Rwanda help themselves.

Shot on location documentary photography/video featuring the company and its various programs. Directed art activities with sponsored children. Made video edits, managed website.

For more information: ardrallies.org